A step-by-step tutorial detailing how to create and render a w-file from a selected SPM is available in PDF format: SurfRend_Tutorial.pdf
If you have questions please e-mail me.


1. SPM SurfRend
You should set up SPM SurfRend to run as an SPM toolbox. To do so, unpack the downloaded distribution and copy the contents to a
subdirectory "surfrend" in the SPM toolbox directory.
In unix (Linux, MAC OS X, etc.) it may look like the following:

tar xvzf SPM_SurfRend_V1.0_Release_2008-01-29.tar.gz

which will create a subfolder "surfrend" in the current location with the distribution

cp -r surfrend /usr/local/spm/spm2/toolbox/

where "/usr/local/spm/spm2/" should be replaced with SPM's path on your computer. Note that you may need root user privileges to copy
the folder.

2. SPM Canonical Brain Surface

The surface distribution contains the surface files you need in order to visualize the maps. See the resources page for more information.


See the Credits page for information on how to cite the SPM SurfRend toolbox.

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